The decision for employer clients or prospects to transition from a fully insured to a self-funded arrangement is often a difficult one. It is particularly difficult for those with little or no claims experience.

AmWINS Group Benefits, Inc. understands the difficulty of making these decisions and provides guidance to determine whether self-funding is an appropriate arrangement.

Our comprehensive eBook, "The Time Has Come For Self-Funded Health Benefits", outlines key strategies that will help you maximize the benefit of self-funding. In it, you'll learn about strategies to reduce catastrophic risks, how voluntary benefits & self-funding can work together, and why wellness and data are key to bending the healthcare cost curve.

Why Self-Funding?

  • Assurance of fixed monthly premium payments
  • Avoidance of state mandated benefits and premium taxes
  • Availability of risk/cost management programs
  • Access to detailed claims data and analytics
  • Potential for return of "excess" premium
  • Full funding of claims and reserves

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