GBSAccess is our proprietary enrollment platform, powered by GBS (An AmWINS Group Company). GBSAccess enables users to reduce time researching enrollment or premium issues and waiting for a response. These flexible, efficient web tools can be utilized to perform these tasks quickly and easily - anyhwere, any time.

GBSAccess provides access to important information for brokers and their clients, such as;

  • Account Information - Provides account and contact information
  • Enrollment Summary - Provides a census of all employees (active and/or terminated)
  • Employee & Dependent Summary - Provides details about enrollment, plans & costs
  • Financial History - Displays enrollment, billing and payment information for the last 3 billing cycles
  • Plans & Rates - View current Carriers, Plans, Group Numbers & Rates
  • Premium Invoices - Provides a listing of the past 12 months premium invoices in a PDF or excel format
  • Temporary ID Information - Prints a temporary ID information sheet confirming coverage effective date, plan,
    coverage type & group number for each employee or the entire group
  • Pre-populated Enrollment Forms - Print a completed GBS Election form to steamline the renewal process


Are your clients considering letting their employees self-enroll in their benefit plans online? WeCare is our secure, full-featured, online Benefit Enrollment and Administration System. Employees can self-enroll in core, voluntary and other key benefit plans. We specialize in improving employee participation in supplemental insurance plans. Learn More.


  • Self-service or counselor-driven enrollments
  • Easily add, change, or delete dependents or personal data
  • Enroll all types of benefits, including;
    • Medical, dental, vision, health, reimbursement or savings accounts
    • 401(k)'s or deferred savings plans, and all types of voluntary benefits

Enrollment, billing, and administrative resources - all in a secure, cloud-based environment. Learn More.